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Wondering what amazing things you can do with Maisie Jane’s Almonds in your kitchen? We have some great ideas for you and would love to hear yours, too!

In the Kitchen with Almond Delights

Here are some simple ways to use the various Almond Products to tickle your taste buds. Just click on the header to purchase the product and get cooking!

Organic Honey Glazed Sliced Almond Delights

  • Add to your baked winter squashes with butter and brown sugar
  • Top off your favorite yogurt
  • Stir in your oatmeal
  • Add to Green salads with fruit such as fresh strawberries, mandarin oranges, with a herb vinaigrette dressing

Organic Zesty Italian Sliced Almond Delights

  • Top off your stuffed baked potatoes
  • Coat your Chicken breasts or Fish fillets, then bake or fry
  • Great as a salad topper for a healthy alternative to croutons
  • Top off your favorite casseroles 

Organic Tamari Sliced Almond Delights

  • Toss on your stir fried veggies, meats, or fish
  • Wonderful in your favorite Chinese Chicken salad recipe
  • Great as a topper for Rice dishes
  • Add to your trail mixes

Organic Oven Roasted Sliced Almond Delights

  • Add some crunch to your fruit salads
  • Yummy as an ice cream or sundae topper
  • Add to your French toast and pancake mixtures

Organic Natural Sliced Almond Delights

  • Add a layer on top of your brownie mixture before baking for an elegant presentation
  • Use as a garnish on any baked goods: cookies, scones, muffins, and cakes.
  • Tasty on top of bread pudding


Enjoy this "nutty" recipe from the kitchen of Maisie Jane in Chico, California.