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Dry Roasting

Dry Roasted

We proudly Dry Roast all of our nut products

At Maisie Jane’s, all of our roasted nut products are Dry Roasted without the use of additional oils. We use barrel style fire-roasters to develop amazing flavor and create light, crunchy and uniquely tasty California almonds and almond products. 

Why does Dry Roasting matter?

Dry Roasting vs Oil – Most commercially available value-added nuts are processed using various types of vegetable oils (canola, safflower, sunflower, etc). This creates a scenario where the nuts being used may be less than fresh and the oil may be sub-par. Oil can mask the flavor profiles (good or bad) of almonds and this can result in an inferior final product. 

Bottom line: Without the oil often found in other nut products, Maisie Jane's are a healthier and tastier snack for you and your family.