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Nut Butters

  Maisie Jane's Nut Butter offers a diverse selection, featuring classic almond butter, creamy cashew butter, and enticing seasonal flavored nut butter variations. Committed to health and quality, we prioritize organic, non-GMO nuts and minimal added ingredients, ensuring a wholesome alternative to typical grocery store spreads. Our products are gluten-free and crafted with environmental
consciousness at the forefront.
At Maisie Jane's, sustainability and ethical sourcing are important values. We proudly support local farmers, sourcing our almonds exclusively from Northern California. Our almond and cashew butters have just one ingredient each, with no added palm oil, salt, or sugar. This dedication to purity and simplicity underscores our commitment to providing nutritious, environmentally friendly nut butter options for our customers. Most notably, our nut butters are handcrafted in a peanut-free facility, ensuring peace of mind for those with peanut allergies or sensitivities. At Maisie Jane's, we prioritize safety alongside quality, making our products accessible and enjoyable for anyone.