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Our People

Maisie Jane and her family

Maisie Jane Hurtado

“Maisie Jane” is a real person and not just a company ‘stage name’.  She is the founder of Maisie Jane’s and plays a very active role in every aspect of the business.  She is blessed with her husband, Isidro and their three daughters: Isabela, Natalia and Lilia Jane. She has a true passion for creating healthy, farm fresh products, and exploring new business opportunities.  Maisie Jane is grateful for her team of wonderful employees, a loving family, and the bounty of the land surrounding her.



The Grower/Co-owner Isidro Hurtado

Isidro, Maisie Jane’s husband, joined the company in 2002.  He met Maisie Jane while attending Chico State University.  After practicing his degree of Construction Management for several years, he chose to get back to his roots in agriculture.  Isidro originally grew up in the Salinas Valley, of California, where he spent his childhood working in the apricot orchards and garlic fields.  He now farms 80 acres of Northern California almonds and manages the manufacturing facility for Maisie Jane’s.  Isidro is a prominent foundational component of Maisie Jane’s and has contributed greatly to the success and expansion of the company. 


The Basket Makers Bobby Henry and Mary Jane Bertagna

 This sister team has been with Maisie Jane’s the longest. Mary Jane, Maisie Jane’s mother, has of course, been involved with a supportive and advisory role from day one when Maisie Jane was seventeen and experimenting with almond flavors in her kitchen.  She has since taken a much more formal role.  She helps manage the Maisie Jane’s Gift Shop in Chico.  She is also the Senior Basket designer. Maisie Jane’s feels so blessed in having this positive working relationship with her talented and savvy mother. Bobby is Maisie Jane’s Aunt and Mary Jane’s sister.  She too has a long history with the business, as she started working with Maisie Jane’s in 1998 and has continued to contribute a great deal to the endeavor ever since.  As Senior Basket Decorator, Bobby helps design all the gift baskets but also shares her creativity by helping with product merchandising in our Gift Shop.  Over the years she has also done bookkeeping and assisted with marketing at trade shows.  What a women she is!

There are other very important and talented ladies who contribute their hard work and talents to making Maisie Jane’s Gift Shop a success!


The Office & Sales Staff

   From answering the phones, to production forecasting and scheduling, to the bookkeeping and finance, to the marketing and sales, Maisie Jane’s has a dynamic team that is ready to take care of you-our important customers!  They take pride in everything they do……and it shows!


The Production Staff

We are so fortunate to have a loyal crew that is responsible for all the hard work of producing the many top quality Maisie Jane’s nut products.  They all are very hard working that take pride in their daily tasks.  We are very grateful for their work.