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What We Believe

We Believe in Knowing Your Food

As if one variety of almonds wasn’t versatile enough to set your creativity free, there are about 25 major almond varieties produced in California orchards. Each variety has distinct characteristics, which are important to understand so that you can select the appropriate almond for your needs. Want to know more about your options? Almond Variety Brochure

We Believe in Using the Right Products

We are proud to be using Sucanat from Wholesome Sweeteners, based in Sugarland, Texas. Sucanat is milled in Paraguay from organically grown sugar cane. With all of the cane's natural molasses still in each granule, Sucanat is as close to the cane as sugar can come. It's simply dried cane juice, collected and milled within 24 hours of harvesting. Learn more about Wholesome Sweeteners’ Fair Trade Program at

We Believe in Taking Care of Our Bees

If it weren’t for Bees, there would not be any almonds!  Almonds, among many other plant species, are not self-pollinating; therefore they require bees to pollinate the trees so that they will bear nuts to harvest.  We are thrilled to have interviewed the bee-keeper who supplies the bee hives for our orchards. If you want to know a lot more about the Bees, check out the information in the Save Our Bees area of our website. Download Interview With Our Bee Keepers

We Believe in Using Every Part of the Almonds We Harvest

The processing of almonds is a very efficient system, leaving zero waste with all the by-products and creative uses of them.   Ever since the early 60’s there has been a stable market for almond hulls to the dairy industry.  This is where the majority of the almond hulls are sold.  They are used as roughage feed for the dairy cows and is said to aid with healthy milk production.  Almond Shells are used as a fuel source, and even the rocks and dirt are used for driveway fill.

We Believe in Family Farms

We salute all the hard work that goes into producing the abundance of food that we all enjoy every day.  Their dedication to providing the best quality tasty foods has allowed our society to enjoy an amazing diverse cornucopia of eating experiences.  Have you ever seen the bumper sticker that says, “HUG A FARMER”?  Maisie Jane’s loves that saying and we hope you’ll agree after learning more about some of our Family Farms. Learn More About Our Family Farmers

We Believe in Organic and Sustainable Farming and Leaving a Smaller Footprint

From the farming practices to the manufacturing and packaging, Maisie Jane’s is dedicated to offering you the healthiest products, both for our planet and for your bodies.  It pleases us that our ingredients listings are short and simple; there aren’t any words you will struggle pronouncing or aren’t familiar with.  It’s all simple goodness, from the farm to your mouth. We have a strong philosophy regarding sustainable agriculture.  This means that we farm without depleting the earth’s resources or polluting its environment.

We Believe in Our Community

Maisie Jane’s is an active business in ‘giving-back’ to its community.  Maisie Jane feels blessed by all the support the community has given her company through the years and is happy to support a variety of local Butte County causes with donations, volunteer time, and other aid requested.