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Bertagna Nut Co. 16 oz Red Walnuts

Red walnuts of the highest quality standards in the industry. Its tan outer shell and dark, ruby red nut meat make them a perfect addition to many meals. Showcase them in their whole form or chop in halves or quarters. Grown, shelled, and packed in our Chico, California facility, this is a farm-to-table red walnut at its finest.

Tasting Notes:

If it's color didn’t give it away, biting into a red walnut will immediately reveal a few of its differentiating characteristics as well. Compared to brown walnuts, you’ll notice a much tamer acidic taste as well as a more creamy texture. Red walnuts also have a higher oil content that tends to culminate as one of the nut’s many remarkable flavors.

Type: Unknown Type

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