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Bee - Creamy Cashew Butter

Treat yourself or your loved ones to Maisie Jane's Creamy Cashew Butter, jarred in the most charming and giftable packaging. Each jar embodies the perfect balance of smooth creaminess and the rich essence of cashew flavor.

We uphold the highest standards of quality and sustainability. Sourced from trusted farmers in the lush landscapes of Vietnam, our cashews are carefully selected for their superior taste and freshness, ensuring that every spoonful of Maisie Jane's Creamy Cashew Butter is a true delight.

What makes Maisie Jane's Creamy Cashew Butter truly exceptional is its unrivaled smoothness and the subtle nuttiness that lingers on the palate. With only one wholesome ingredient—premium cashews—each jar is proof to our commitment to simplicity and excellence.

Our collaboration with renowned artist Mary Lake Thompson adds a touch of whimsy and charm to our packaging. With nearly four decades of colorful and imaginative artwork, Mary's designs bring joy and beauty to every kitchen shelf or gift basket.

Savor the indulgent experience of Maisie Jane's Creamy Cashew Butter. Whether enjoyed on toast, or simply savored straight from the spoon, it's a versatile treat that promises to elevate any moment. Treat yourself or someone special to a jar today!

Save when you purchase by the case (3 pack) (12 pack)
Buy a Pack of 3  save 7%
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Non-GMO Project Verified | Keto 

Made in a plant that does NOT process Peanuts.

INGREDIENTS: Dry Roasted Cashews 

NON GMO Project Verified 

Type: cashew

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