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Honey Glazed Almonds made w/ Organic Almonds (3.5 oz)

Honey & Nut Perfection!

We married two of our food passions: California Almonds and Honey, and out came these sweet decadent bites! The crunchy candy style coasting has the perfect dash of salt and sweetness from nature's amazing nectar-honey! Naturally delicious. 3.5 oz pouch.

Small Family farming & small batches. A fourth- generation farmer's daughter, Maisie Jane and her family are proud to carry on their small family farming traditions; doing their part to preserve the land for a vibrant future in agriculture. This paired with using small batch roasting techniques, using NO OILS, guarantees freshness and satisfaction. Enjoy! 

USDA Organic| Dry Roasted |Kosher

Ingredients: Organic Almonds, Honey Granules, Organic Dehydrated Cane Sugar, Organic Molasses, Salt


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