The Mineralist layering look

This stylish layered necklace look will soon be one of your favorites to wear.  This trio includes the following. 

Small druzy pendant : A druzy is made from mineral crystals that grow on the surface of rocks. When water evaporates off of rocks, the mineral deposits left on the surface form crystals over time. Each one is unique with natural differences between size, color, luster and look. You can wear this small quartz piece on its own for a simple everyday look or layer it up to make a statement. The druzy in the photo is 16'' in length. 

Labradorite layering chain:  The perfect layering chain for crystal & stone lovers. Each necklace is one of a kind because each natural wire wrapped labradorite stone is different in its size & color. Wear this on its own for a simple & natural look or layer it up with your other stones or gold necklaces to make a statement. The necklace in the photo shows 18'' in length. 

 Square aurora labradorite pendant: This pendant is made from natural labradorite. These stones are known for their beautiful displays of color which flash when light shines on them. This is known as labradorescence. There is even an old Nordic legend which believed the Northern lights were trapped in this enchanting stone. Each piece of labradorite is distinctly unique in its colors, patterns & overall appearance. This photo shows the pendant on a 20'' chain. 

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