"BONGO" Cooler/Seat

You or your special recipient is going to love this Bongo Basket! It is a fully insulated soft ice-chest with a nice strap for easy carrying. But the highlight is that the lid is sturdy and can be used as a nice seat. So, while you're out adventuring, tailgating, or picnicking you can be comfortable and off the ground and enjoy the many tasty picnic items that are included in the Bongo. Lundberg Rice Chips, Baja Mariner Salsa, Sutter Buttes Tapenade Snack Box, Penna Spicy Green Beans, Santa Cruz Raspberry Lemonade, a Maisie Jane’s branded Klean Kanteen pint cup, Better Than Brittle Bar, Maisie Jane’s Roasted Salted Pistachios, Milk Chocolate Almonds, Dark Chocolate almonds, and Herb & Garlic Almonds.

Due to warm weather any chocolate items will be substituted for non-chocolate items to assure arrival of all products are received in top quality. 

Disclaimer: If we run out of stock on a particular item, it will be substituted with a product of equal value. 

Type: Gifts

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