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  2 oz Supreme Creme - Pure Shea Butter - "Made with 100% pure shea butter.  More like an ointment  than a cream.  A little goes a very long way.  Use it on: burns, bug bites, cuticles, under eye, cuts, scars, heels – anywhere you need a SUPER HEALER. "
4 oz Body Mist - "Filled with real, dried, winged everlasting flowers. This unique product is made without oil, alcohol or water.  The spray is designed to soften and scent your skin. Spray it on and rub it in. There’s no oily residue, just soft, scented skin.  It can also be sprayed in your hairas a shine enhancer /de-tanlger."
6 oz Linen Spray - "Filled with real, dried, winged everlasting flowers and makes the loveliest gift.  Just a light mist on your linens will scent and refresh them and help you drift of to dreamland....."
16 oz Bath Oil  with Vitamin E - "Beautiful glass apothecary style bottle is filled with a tiny bouquet of dried winged everlasting flowers.  The bath oil is made with a very light oil (high oleic safflower) which has a high level of vitamin E. Vitamin E is an anti oxidant which helps to slow down the aging  process."
16 oz Whipped Creme - Ultra Hydrating - "Cocoa butter,  shea butter, sunflower  seed oil and other skin healers.  SUPER light, but also highly moisturizing.  It absorbs more quickly than the Shea Butter Balm, making it a great part of your morning routine."


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