Our Story in a Nutshell!

Hurtado Family
The Hurtado Family
Maisie Jane created a unique line of flavored almonds in her family kitchen at age 17 as a Future Farmers of America (FFA) project.  Today, she and her husband Isidro market their products nationwide.  They take pride in the fact that the almonds used are grown on their own family farm. Having almond farming deep in Maisie Jane’s blood, four generations deep in fact, it is a privilege to take the business one step further.  Maisie Jane explains, “It’s so rewarding to see the smiles on the consumers face and to have been involved in every step along the way to create that smile!”

Maisie Jane’s hand selects the largest, highest graded variety of almonds. “We pick the Cream of the Crop”, Maisie Jane says.  The Nonpareil variety, (definition in Greek meaning Superior), is mostly used in the Maisie Jane’s product line.  This variety is extra sweet in taste, crunchy, and very large in size.   Maisie Jane’s natural and certified organic products only contain pure ingredients with no preservatives added.  This also means that they are GMO free!  The fact that Maisie Jane’s entire line is dry roasted is very unique and important.  Unlike the majority of roasted flavored almonds in the marketplace being deep-fried, our almond are all oven roasted.  This means they are healthier, containing no added oil and being less fattening.

Along with us being almond growers, processors, and packers, Maisie Jane’s has an adorable country store located in Chico, CA as well as the entire store now being offered here on our website!  With Maisie Jane’s passion for keeping fellow small family farms in business in today’s competitive corporate world, she found it natural to support other locally grown and made products.  With northern California’s bountiful harvests and creative entrepreneurs it’s easy to fill the shelves of the store with high quality local products!  Check out these farm fresh, gourmet foods, body & bath, and artisan crafts online!